Phía Sau Em Là Đại Dương
Phía Sau Em Là Đại Dương

Phía Sau Em Là Đại Dương

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Thể loại truyện: Ngôn tình, eSport, thể thao điện tử

Số chương: 25

Cố Vấn Như and Dạ Thiên Hoài have been friends since high school. Their relationship started through their passion for gaming and their group of friends. Later, both pursued careers related to the gaming industry, one as a programmer and other as a streamer.

Their love story matured over a long period of time, with them waiting for the perfect moment to take their relationship to the next level.

This story brings to life the feelings of youth, the laughter, the arrogance, and the purity of young love. However, as we mature, we realize that life is not always a fairy tale. Sweet words and happy memories can become like clouds, disappearing with time.

The writer believes that their story was a precious drop of water that was lost in the ocean. "Without the one we await, there can never be peace with anyone else."

Although one may hold the world of youth in their hands, they may only see the hidden corners. "I return the fish to the water, I return him to the one he loves."

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